• Emotional Support Counseling

    Christian Counseling in Group Session Format or Individual Private Sessions Upon Request. 

    Helping those suffering from depression or anxiety, have been a victim of abuse or bullying to overcome emotional barriers to healthy relationships with yourself and others. 

    We all need a little help to overcome sometimes and we're here to help! 

    Horses and Humans with Helping Hearts, Hands and Hooves! 

    For more information, please email us at triplelranchllc@gmail.com

    and a staff member will reach out within 48 hours.

  • Triple L Ranch LLC Ridng Lessons

    Riding / Horsemanship Lessons

    Our Primary Focus is HORSEMANSHIP

    Horsemanship encompasses learning about the care, training, nutrition, behavior and equipment used while interacting with equines. 

    This means that not every lesson will be mounted. 

    Some lessons will involve learning horse behavior, anatomy, proper tack fitting, in-hand work, ground work etc. . . 

    Individual lesson plans customized for each student to match their skill level and goals!

    Fun and interactive sessions mean students learn and retain what is taught! 

  • Christian Summer Horsemanship Camp

    At our award winning Summer Horsemanship Camp campers enjoy plenty of time with the horses!


    Rider specific riding instruction, playing both mounted and ground work games with the horses, learning how to catch a horse, properly halter, lead and lunge a horse!


    Campers will also learn horse nutrition, assist in helping to take care of their horse's needs (hay and water etc..)


    Learn about horse behavior and social interactions & more!


  • Equine Broker and Consultant

    Looking for the perfect equine partner? I have helped to pair many humans with their heart horses for well over 20 years.

    Looking for your own horse property but are not certain of what you will need?

    Do you wonder if the barn or outbuildings can be converted to house equines?

    What the best functional lay out for your barn for the most efficient workflow should be?

    or any other questions you may have!


    Looking to improve existing layout and work flow of your barn?

    Don't know what fencing set up is best for your needs?

    I can help!

    Knowledgeable, thorough and trustworthy.

    Rates vary depending upon project, expenses and time required.

    Many References Available Upon Request!

    Contact me today to discuss your project or brokerage needs! 


    Patti Cianflone

    CEO/Farm Manager

Call us today to inquire about Riding Lessons, Emotional Support  Counseling, Leasing, Training or Summer Camp! 




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Quakertown, PA. 18951

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