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Patti Cianflone

CEO/ Farm Manager

49 Years of Experience

According to Patti’s mom, her first word was "hi", her second word, "horse". Patti has been working with horses in one capacity or another most of her life.


Independently rescuing and rehabbing her first horse at the age of 12. Patti says, “It seems as though I have always been in complete love with these beautiful, powerful yet fragile creatures. I have owned and trained horses since the age of 12 yet learn something new from them each and every day.”


Patti’s extensive equine background includes: Certifications in Equine Management, Farm and Barn Management and received a GPA 4.0 from University of Guelf, Ontario, Canada.


In her younger years, Patti participated in local shows and competed in such disciplines as barrel racing, pole bending, reining, english equitation, english pleasure, western pleasure.


As an adult, Patti has worked in the equine dentistry field, rescued, rehabilitated, retrained and gentled a score of horses, and was even a professional rodeo wrangler in California in charge of over 120 head of horses and four bulls.


Patti’s background also includes, military wife to Air Force Veteran Stephen Cianflone (U2 – SR71 Program) six years of Christian Ministry in the badlands of Philadelphia’s Kensington section, and many years in the corporate world as well.


Working as a systems and business analyst for a mortgage company where she co-pioneered a process that saved the company over 1.2 million dollars a year.


Patti then worked for several years as The National Operations and Data Analyst for Comcast Corporate where her analytical talents and business acumen led to more successes for that industry.


Currently, Patti is the CEO and Farm Manager of Triple L Ranch LLC in Quakertown, PA. 

I still love learning about these beautiful animals every single day! I look forward to each and every day going to "work". There is a wise old saying that goes, "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life"


~ Patti Cianflone

Proverbs 3:5-6 <><

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Thank you and God Bless! Hope to see you around the farm! 

Sometimes I miss the racetrack and all o
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