Meet The Training Team 


Aubrey-Shea Cianflone

Vice President | Barn Manager  

Director Special Programs 

Head Instructor

Aubrey was born into the horse world. She began her riding career early on at the age of 3. 

Her gentle nature and patient nurturing is a true gift as a horsewoman!

In recent years, she has taken instruction from some of the top equestrians in the country.

She has even taken instruction with a Grand Prix Dressage Rider.

Aubrey is a talented rider and instructor.

Classically trained and focusing on balanced seat and position. Light hands and subtle effective communication with your equine partner!

Aubrey's main passion is to get young riders started correctly with a strong foundation and good grasp on all aspects of horse care not just riding!


Triple L Ranch LLC is committed to training up the next generation of excellent horsemen!  

Aubrey is Vice President of our LLC, Barn Manager and Director of special programs and Summer Horse Camp.

Aubrey specializes in Beginner and Advanced Beginner Lessons for students of ages 8 and up! 


Kirstin Reim

   Assistant Barn Manager | Instructor   Jumping Instructor 

Kirstin has been passionate about horses her whole life. Her fascination and love for them prompted her parents to put her into riding lessons at the age of 9; further fostering her interest in horses.

She rode every summer until she was 13 when she began working for rides; doing any barn chore asked of her, including moving hay, mucking pastures, feeding the horses. A little pony named Peanut set her jumping obsession into motion and her love for him as well.

As she developed her riding skills and overall skills working with horses on the ground, she was asked to help with summer camp teaching the beginner riders.


After the first summer camp, she then became an assistant riding instructor as well as assisting in training some of the horses.

She moved to a new barn in her early 20’s to further her jumping knowledge and in 2019 a close friend, and previous riding instructor, had rescued a little pony named Poco from auction.


After leasing and working with him for a little over a year, in 2020 she made her first horse purchase and moved him to

Triple L Ranch LLC.

Kirstin immediately felt at home and knew she had found her new barn family.

She has been working with Poco to get him into tip top shape and training him for jumping.

Kirstin is excited to share her passion of jumping, and strives to teach good contact, proper distancing, and how to feel your horse naturally over a jump!


April McCarty


Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (CESMT)

Part Time Instructor 

April has loved horses for as long as she can remember.


They were the first thing she mastered to draw as a young artist.

When she was 10, a neighbor started teaching her horsemanship and gave her some riding lessons.

The years flew by and April got married and started a family. Horses had to be put on hold. Fast forward a few years... 

In 2013, April was searching for how she could get back into the horse world.

She reached out to a few facilities in her area but, nothing seemed to pan out.


Undaunted in her desire to get back into horses, she came upon a facility that was very close to her home and matched her interests!

She sent a short fun and quirky email to them expressing her interest in volunteering at their barn. Since then, April has been a faithful volunteer, with regular chores and Summer Horse Camps! April learned so much about horse care, behavior, tack etc.. over the years and realized a life-long dream of owning her own horse! She is now the proud owner of her very own wonderful Quarter Horse Cross Mare  "Bella" 


She enjoys attending riding clinics and shows such as Devon.

April’s main interest is Dressage, she enjoys the challenge it lends the rider to give quiet and subtle aids to create the form and movements in the horse.

As of May 23rd, 2021 April has earned her certification in Equine Sports Massage Therapy!  


Rebekah Cianflone

Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (CESMT)

Assistant Barn Manager  

Instructor | Equine Trainer

Rebekah was born into the horse world.

She began her riding career early on at the age of 2. 

Her no nonsense mind set and incredible seat are a true asset as a horsewoman!

Rebekah has taken instruction from some of the top equestrians in the country including a Grand Prix Dressage Rider.

Rebekah possesses a natural seat and ability to ride problem horses to correct undesirable behaviors (after all physical issues have been ruled out).

Rebekah supervises work tasks for our teen volunteers who are a part of our work to ride programs here at the farm. 

Rebekah is now taking a select amount of beginner students! They love her fun approach and teaching style! 


Rebekah is an integral part of our special programs as well and serves as supervisor to our teen counselors for our Summer Horse Camp each year.

Rebekah specializes in assisting with ground work, at liberty work, 

green horses, tune ups for out of shape horses and horses recovering from neglect or physical issues.


She enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge with some of our young tween riders! 

As of May 23rd, 2021 Rebekah has earned her certification in Equine Sports Massage Therapy!