Boarding at Triple L Ranch LLC 

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We offer top quality full care for your equine partner! Triple L Ranch LLC is a Christian run, laid back and family friendly small private farm with 14 stalls.

We offer full customized care for your horse.


Maximum turn out time in one of our well maintained pastures.

Horses enjoy pasture time as much as possible. Horses enjoy time in their stalls during extreme heat, cold or extreme weather. We do not have a regular in / out seasonal rotation as we agree with many studies that support a more natural lifestyle for our equine friends to prevent / reduce stall vices, ulcers and the like. 


Customized feeding regimen based on each horse's individual, nutritional needs.


Amenities Include: LED lighting in stalls, lighted indoor riding arena, direct access to indoor arena from the barn, lighted outdoor riding ring. Heated /air conditioned lounge with view into indoor riding arena. Lounge amenities include, flat screen TV, DVD/VCR player, fridge, microwave, Keurig single serve gourmet coffee maker and seating.


Clean tack room with individual custom made lockable tack lockers for your tack and all of your supplies! Clean bathroom with heat in winter, hot and cold water wash stall, BBQ and picnic area adjacent to outdoor riding ring.


All disciplines and skill levels welcome! Our expert on-site Training Staff can accommodate most any level of rider! 

Services Include:
  • Stalls cleaned daily.

  • Freshly bedded with pine shavings or pine pellets.

  • One custom made tack locker per horse. (Locker can be locked)

  • Bi-Annual Fecal testing (Small Fee $15 / Sample)

  • Water buckets cleaned DAILY.

  • Feed pans cleaned regularly.

  • Supplements given (Supplied by you)

  • IM Shots given (supplied by you with written permission)

  • Fly Spray / Sunscreen applied (Supplied by you)

  • Small group turn out in one of our four well maintained grassy pastures.

  • Safe no climb box wire fencing and three strand electric tape fencing (interior)

  • Customized feeding regimen based on each horse's individual nutritional needs.

  • Holding for Vet/Dentist/Farrier.

  • Daily AM and PM texts to inform owners of turn-out plans per weather forecasted/and any other activities/appointments/Good to Know Info. 

  • Photo and Video updates provided when owners are ill/traveling or otherwise delayed in coming out to the farm to spend time with their beloved equine friend. 

  • Blankets on/off.

  • Bell boots on/off.

  • Fly sheets and masks, on/off.

  • Horses lightly groomed when needed (i.e. before application of fly spray, before blanketing etc..)

Current Feed Selections: 

Purina® Strategy® Healthy Edge® Fact Sheet .PDF 

*Now with Outlast Gastric Support Supplement*
For Maintenance, Performance and Senior Horses.

Health inside and out. A nutritional edge. Two things every horse owner wants for their horse, and what Strategy® Healthy Edge® horse feed is designed to deliver. Nutrition that helps horses look amazing, feel great and perform at their best.

Strategy® Healthy Edge® feed gives horses age 2 and older the nutritional edge needed to support nearly any lifestyle from recreation to performance to retirement. The combination of high quality pellets and extruded Amplify® high-fat nuggets delivers a controlled starch and sugar, higher fat and fiber formulation with moderate calories and balanced nutrition. Made with only high quality, wholesome ingredients and extensively tested at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, Strategy® Healthy Edge® horse feed is easy for horses to digest and hard for them to resist.
Features & Benefits
Purina® Amplify® High-Fat Nugget
A proprietary blend of vegetable oils, flax seed and rice bran for performance, shine & bloom. Controlled Starch and Sugar with Higher Fat and Fiber
For horses with moderate calorie needs, it helps maintain optimal body condition.
For horses sensitive to soluble carbohydrates, it provides controlled starch and sugars. Protein that Performs  High quality sources chosen for their optimal amino acid profiles support muscle tone and overall performance in a moderate protein formula. Highly Digestible Fibers. Multiple fiber sources including beet pulp provide slow-releasing fuel for sustained performance.

Purina® Outlast® Supplement Added to Support Proper Gastric pH
Outlast® supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients that are designed to support gastric balance, giving you and your horse the confidence to perform.

* Triple L Ranch LLC is not sponsored by Purina Feed Mills or any of it's affiliates * 

Purina® Equine Senior® Active  Fact Sheet .PDF 

Purina® Equine Senior® horse feed, the trusted original senior horse feed, has
been helping senior horses live healthy, long lives since its national launch in
1993. Today’s horses are staying active longer than ever, and new findings
suggest that healthy aging horses may benefit from a higher-calorie diet
designed with controlled starch and sugar and balanced nutrients. So Purina
introduced Equine Senior® Active horse feed, precisely formulated to meet the
unique nutritional needs of moderately active senior horses.But Purina’s Ph.D.
Equine Nutritionists and Veterinarians never stop researching new ways to
address the specific needs of aging horses. Amplify® high-fat nugget and
ActivAge™ prebiotic are just two of the senior horse nutrition breakthroughs
included in Equine Senior® Active horse feed. 

* Triple L Ranch LLC is not sponsored by Purina Feed Mills or any of it's affiliates * 

Blue Seal Sentinel Performance LS  Fact Sheet Website

  • Sentinel® Performance LS, a Nutrient Release Formula feed, is the new generation in equine nutrition formulated specifically to enable equine athletes to meet their genetic potential and excel in the many aspects of performance. Exclusively formulated with high fat, high fiber and low starch/sugar ingredients, it is an ideal choice for equine athletes involved in a variety of competitive disciplines as well as horses with elevated caloric requirements such as hard keepers and rescue horses. 

  • This unique formulation of Sentinel Performance LS is also recommended for certain horses with challenged digestive and/or metabolic systems. A pressure cooked feed offers a safe and natural way to provide essential nutrition and extra calories to performance horses and is easily digested for optimal nutrient utilization.

* Triple L Ranch LLC is not sponsored by Blue Seal / Blue Seal Sentinel or any of it's affiliates * 

  • Plain Beet Pulp (NO Molasses) - Soaked in HOT water (Winter months only added to PM feed to ensure hydration and fiber intake at healthy levels)

    Top Quality Timothy / Orchard Grass Hay:

 * We support a small local farmer with outstanding hay *

  • Hay served via slow feed hay nets in stalls or via large slow feed nets in pasture. 

  • Hay served to each individual horse in stalls, is served by weight in pounds not by "flake / lap" = to approx.16 to 18 pounds.

  • The hay is served in a slow feed net to maximize grazing time, minimize waste and to most closely emulate grazing in the pasture while confined to the stall.