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We offer top quality full care for your equine partner! Triple L Ranch LLC is a Christian run, laid back and family friendly small private farm with 14 stalls.

We offer full customized care for your horse.


Maximum turn out time in one of our well maintained pastures.

Horses enjoy pasture time as much as possible. Horses enjoy time in their stalls during extreme heat, cold or extreme weather. We do not have a regular in / out seasonal rotation as we agree with many studies that support a more natural lifestyle for our equine friends to prevent / reduce stall vices, ulcers and the like. 


Customized feeding regimen based on each horse's individual, nutritional needs.


Amenities Include: LED lighting in stalls, lighted indoor riding arena, direct access to indoor arena from the barn, lighted outdoor riding ring. Heated /air conditioned lounge with view into indoor riding arena. Lounge amenities include, flat screen TV, DVD/VCR player, fridge, microwave, Keurig single serve gourmet coffee maker and seating.


Clean tack room with individual custom made lockable tack lockers for your tack and all of your supplies! Clean bathroom with heat in winter, hot and cold water wash stall, BBQ and picnic area adjacent to outdoor riding ring.


All disciplines and skill levels welcome! Our expert on-site Training Staff can accommodate most any level of rider! 

Services Include:
  • Stalls cleaned daily.

  • Freshly bedded with pine shavings or pine pellets.

  • One custom made tack locker per horse. (Locker can be locked)

  • Bi-Annual Fecal testing (Small Fee $15 / Sample)

  • Water buckets cleaned DAILY.

  • Feed pans cleaned regularly.

  • Supplements given (Supplied by you)

  • IM Shots given (supplied by you with written permission)

  • Fly Spray / Sunscreen applied (Supplied by you)

  • Small group turn out in one of our four well maintained grassy pastures.

  • Safe no climb box wire fencing and three strand electric tape fencing (interior)

  • Customized feeding regimen based on each horse's individual nutritional needs.

  • Blankets on/off.

  • Bell boots on/off.

  • Fly sheets and masks, on/off.

  • Horses lightly groomed when needed (i.e. before application of fly spray, before blanketing etc..)

Current Feed Selections:


Naturals Pelleted 14.0 PROTEIN 18.0 FIBER 6.0 FAT

* Triple L Ranch LLC is not sponsored by Triple Crown or any of it's affiliates * 

The first premium feed of its kind to provide horses with wholesome, solid nutrition, just as Mother Nature intended. Featuring a healthy recipe that’s made with non-GMO and soybean free ingredients, and includes essential vitamins and nutrients, Triple Crown Naturals is the perfect feed for owners who know real nutrition starts with real ingredients.

For additional information about our Naturals Feed, please read our FAQ

Steamed Crimped Oats 9.0 PROTEIN 12.0 FIBER 4.0 FAT

* Triple L Ranch LLC is not sponsored by Triple Crown or any of it's affiliates * 

Triple Crown Steam Crimped Oats are, high test weight and GMO free.

Triple re-cleaned and dust free, these grains help optimize performance and health while ensuring your horse’s airways remain clear.


alfagreen supreme alfalfa pellets 17.0 PROTEIN 32.0 FIBER 1.5 FAT

* Triple L Ranch LLC is not sponsored by alfagreen or any of it's affiliates *

alfagreen supreme provides you with high-quality alfalfa that you can feel confident about when mixing with vitamins, minerals and medications to create your superior feed.

The quality of our alfalfa relies on our seed to feed process.  Our field management techniques result in timely cutting and chopping to maximize alfalfaleaf retention.  Our thorough processing procedures enhance the nutrient profile and improve protein utilization, which increases feed effectiveness of the alfalfa and reduces the potential for toxins and mold. 

* Triple L Ranch LLC is not sponsored by MannaPro or any of it's affiliates * 

 Renew Gold 15.0 PROTEIN 22.0 FIBER 15.0 FAT 

Introducing the next generation in Equine Nutrition, Renew Gold™!
Renew Gold gives horse owners the opportunity to utilize the nutritional advantages of Stabilized Rice Bran in an even more effective, advanced formulation. The unique combination of stabilized rice bran with CoolStance® Coconut Meal, Flax, and Fermented Yeast Culture allows Renew Gold to provide concentrated nutritional support for horses of all types and disciplines!




* Triple L Ranch LLC is not sponsored by Blue Seal Sentinel Grain or any of it's affiliates * 

Blue Seal Sentinel Performance LS 12.0 PROTEIN 20.0 FIBER 12.0 FAT 

  • Sentinel® Performance LS, a Nutrient Release Formula feed, is the new generation in equine nutrition formulated specifically to enable equine athletes to meet their genetic potential and excel in the many aspects of performance. Exclusively formulated with high fat, high fiber and low starch/sugar ingredients, it is an ideal choice for equine athletes involved in a variety of competitive disciplines as well as horses with elevated caloric requirements such as hard keepers and rescue horses. 

  • This unique formulation of Sentinel Performance LS is also recommended for certain horses with challenged digestive and/or metabolic systems. A pressure cooked feed offers a safe and natural way to provide essential nutrition and extra calories to performance horses and is easily digested for optimal nutrient utilization.

  • Plain Beet Pulp - Soaked in HOT water (Winter months only added to PM feed to ensure hydration and fiber intake at healthy levels)

    Top Quality Timothy / Orchard Grass Hay:

 * We support a small local farmer with outstanding hay *

  • Hay served via slow feed hay nets in stalls or via large slow feed nets in pasture. 

  • Hay served to each individual horse in stalls, is served by weight in pounds not by "flake / lap" = to approx.16 to 18 pounds.

  • The hay is served in a slow feed net to maximize grazing time, minimize waste and to most closely emulate grazing in the pasture while confined to the stall. 


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1975 Krammes Road

Quakertown, PA. 18951

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